Tackle Bags

Tackle Bags are one of the greatest toys for your Cat. We take a piece of material and sew it into a "bag" then put a very potent cat nip pouch (or two) into the bag and then stuff the rest with Eco friendly poly fill. Your Cats will rub against them, drool on them, lick them and kick them with their hind feet. This toy is a must for your Stud Male as well as for all your kitties that like to party.
  • Geo Design Tackle Bags CT1008

    Geo Micro Fur Tackle Bags
    We have taken a piece of Micro Fur material that has a Geo straight line design on it. The lines are Yellow, White & Black on Grey. The pattern is different on each bag making them very unique. Some may have all three line colors on them and some may have mainly one color. You can choose line colors on the drop down menu. The bag is stuffed with two Catnip Teabags and some ecofill Luxury Fiber Fill inside. This is B.C. Grown very potent catnip. Your kitty is going to go wild over this tackle bag the material is extremely soft.
    Line Color:

  • Large Baguette Tackle Bag CT1010

    Large Bagette Tackle Bag
    We have taken a 16" x 6 1/2" piece of very soft Faux Fur and sewn it into a large tackle bag. Finished measurements are approximately 15" x 3". We have stuffed this tackle bag with some very potent Cat Nip and some EcoFill Luxury Polyester Fibre Fill. A great toy for those large kitties of yours. This Tackle Bag resembles a French Baguette loaf of bread, hence the name:)
  • Little Kitty Pillows CT070

    Little Kitty Pillows
    These great little CAT NIP pillows are approximately 6" long by 2 1/2" wide. They are made from soft Velboa. Each has a very potent Cat Nip sack inside to please your favorite kitty.
    NOTE: The pattern will change from one pillow to the next.

    Pattern Shade:

  • Mink & Otter Tackle Bags CT716

    Mink & Otter Tackle Bags
    We have recycled a 30-year-old Otter Fur Jacket with Mink collar that was lined with the Otter Fur. From this collar we have made eight very unique and different tackle bags. Each one will be different from the other. Inside is some soft fiberfill as well as 4 gm of very potent cat nip. We are sure your kitty will have a lot of fun with this toy.
    NOTE: There are only Seven (7) of these tackle bags available, we will send you the largest one we have at the time of your order.
  • Paw Print Tackle Bags CT1009

    Paw Print Tackle Bags
    This luxurious Velour Fleece material is in a Paw Print design. We have used an 11" x 5 3/4" piece and sewn it into a bag then stuffed it with a catnip teabag and some Eco friendly fiberfill. Your kitty will rub against them, drool on them, lick them and kick them with their hind feet. Choose your color by the color of the Paw Prints on the material.
    The number beside the color in the drop down menu tells you how many of that color we have left in our stock.
    Color of Paw Prints/Material:

  • Small Tackle Bags CT465

    Small Tackle Bags
    We have sewn a 7 1/2" x 5" piece of wonderful Velboa Wild Print Material into a small tackle bag for your smaller kitties. We have put two teaspoons of very potent catnip inside and then filled it with stuffing. The material pattern will be different from one tackle bag to the next. Some are even dark on one side and lighter on the other. Sorry no choice on pattern. The finished size of the tackle bag is 6 3/4" x 2". We are sure your little kitty will love this toy to bat around the house and cuddle up with during nap time. You can purchase three (3) for $10.00 see the drop down menu.
    How Many:

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